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Using her own personal stories and lessons, Prit is all set to take you on a journey of redefining your entrepreneurial success. Using her own experience and knowledge, Prit will help you confidently and successfully navigate through your own entrepreneurial journey.

Zero to Four is a compilation of all the original models, performance tools and learning tactics that will transform the way you view your own journey and change your narrative to define successes.

If you're looking for a book that has humor, wit and tons of advice,
then this is the book for you!

It's time to redefine your entrepreneurial journey and
to truly see yourself as the success you are.


After completing her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in New York, a twenty-something Indian girl learns that her work visa wasn't processed.

So what happens when she is forced to leave the United States of America, her best friends, an amazing job, and a place she called home for three years?

I'll tell you—She becomes a CEO and goes by an online pseudonym, “The Marketing Nomad”.

In case it wasn't evident, that girl is me.

Through this narrative non-fiction book, I give you a glimpse of the first three years of my digital entrepreneurship journey from Zero to Four Figures. This book is a compilation of sixty-one lessons on topics ranging from mindset to business, marketing, losses, and wins. I share the challenges, mistakes and the strategies that led me to some of my breakthroughs. Don't worry; you'll also get my original models, performance tools, and learning tactics if you'd like to implement those for your journey (Bonus: 50+ page Printable Workbook PDF).

You will also learn what it means to change the narrative when defining your successes and how to break free from waiting to hit six or seven figures to view yourself as a successful digital entrepreneur.

If anything, I know that this book will comfort you that you aren't alone in your journey and show you that somewhere in the world, there's a digital entrepreneur named “The Marketing Nomad”, albeit a little quirky, who is cheering you on!

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★ Raving Reader Reviews ★

This book is emotionally engaging, practical, and utterly relatable. As a fellow entrepreneur, I tend to read a lot of self-help that glorifies the meteoric rise of individuals that find their 7-figure success but gloss over a LOT of the emotional struggles and steps required to be a sustainable and long-term success as an entrepreneur.

Prit's story and self-leadership are at times heartbreaking and inspiring as she delves into the all-to-real struggles of what it's like to be a broke entrepreneur, when things don't always go right, and how to find your purpose and passion when your life just isn't going to plan.

I highly recommend this book as it's not only a solid read; it's just such a testimony to the amount of growth Prit's had to go on to find her purpose and passion. If you're a struggling entrepreneur, or someone even remotely interested, this book will give you hope when it feels like none exists and remind you why you were inspired to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

Ken Reid | Counsellor |

Zero to Four Figures is a must-read for any digital entrepreneur.

Prithvi Madhukar shakes up the industry by redefining success and encouraging readers to believe in themselves, celebrate every achievement, and embrace the journey.

Through engaging storytelling, Prithvi sheds the veil, sharing personal anecdotes, hard-learned lessons, and invaluable professional insight perfect for new entrepreneurs. As a digital nomad and business owner, I found the lessons pertinent, relatable, and actionable.

Zero to Four Figures is the best medicine for burnout. You will reach the end feeling reinvigorated and inspired.


Michael Camarillo | Author of Keeper 829 | Founder of Novel Excursion | | @michaelcamarillobooks

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Prithvi Madhukar (Prit) aka The Marketing Nomad is a quirky digital entrepreneur and business owner with a passion for marketing and a zest for life. 

She is a Podcaster (Top 100 in Marketing for India), YouTuber, an Etsy Shop Owner, an Author, Skillshare Teacher and a Nano-influencer. She is also the CEO of The Marketing Nomad LLC, in Delaware, a global Marketing Consultancy Firm that has helped 60+ clients from 8 different countries as of 2022.

As a location-independent Marketing Strategy Consultant, she empowers business owners to confidently implement long-term marketing strategies to grow the business they love.
She enjoys Bollywood dancing in her free time. 


Prithvi’s life story is pretty interesting. She completed her engineering degree only to realize her passion for marketing. After choosing to follow her passion and completing her MBA with a concentration in Marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology, she worked at a top solar firm in New York for a year.

When her H1-B visa (work visa) was not processed, she was forced to leave the US which meant she had to leave her awesome full-time job, amazing colleagues, best friends, and a place she had called home for 3 years. Absolutely devastated and desperate to find hope in life again, she decided to risk her entire savings and invest in her dream of becoming a digital entrepreneur in 2019.

After successfully finding ways to navigate through her journey, she made it her mission to empower other digital entrepreneurs and business owners with marketing, business and mindset help to grow the business they love. Her writing, videos, podcast episodes share a real and authentic insight into her personal and professional life. It has inspired many to continue pursuing their own entrepreneurial journeys.

As she continues to dive deeper into the entrepreneurial world, she invites you to join her roller coaster ride!



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★ More Raving Reader Reviews ★

Prithvi Madhukar has taken a daunting subject such as being an entrepreneur and presented it in a way that everyone can read and enjoy. Whether you’re just starting your business, or it’s been something you’ve been going at for a while, the material presented in the book can be useful.

Prithvi has taken her journey and lessons learned and carefully crafted them in written form. With its conversational tone and presentation, it almost feels as if you’re sitting down with a friend simply discussing business, making this very approachable. If you’re looking for inspiration and insights for success on a small-scale, look no further than Zero to Four Figures.

By the end of the book not only will you have learned a few things along the way, but you’ll feel as if you have someone new rooting for you.

Sierra Cotton | Freelance Proofreader & Editor |

Prit’s book is a gallon of entrepreneurship, a lifetime’s worth of lessons, and the things that get in our way. She brings in magic from the business experiences that taught her and the life experiences that made her. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn to be proud of yourself. That’s Prithvi Madhukar’s first book for you!

Meghana Sridhar | Freelance Copywriter | meghana-sridhar

This book will help and encourage many solo digital entrepreneurs who are mainly struggling all alone. You’ll recognize yourself in the words and be encouraged that you are not alone, that someone else went through what you’re going through and came out good.

You’ll also learn strategies you can try with the corresponding workbooks to assist with implementing those strategies. I learned quite a bit myself. It would be pointless to single out any part of the book as the best because all the chapters speak to an entrepreneur.

Folasade Taiwo | Money Mindset Coach | @financialsavviness

The whole part felt like it was written by someone who is a friend! I never thought I was reading a book! It was like my very close friend was narrating the lesson of their life, that too very poetically! Enjoyed every tad bit of it!

Jaskirat Singh | Co-Founder—Brand Monkey Marketing Agency |

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