How to Be a Better Leader with Kevin Kepple


In this episode, I talk to Kevin Kepple on:
✨  What does it mean to be a good leader for a solopreneur
✨  What are some of the common mistakes people make in leadership
✨ How to have the right mindset as a leader
✨ How to connect people to your vision and cocreate with them
✨ Steps to take so you can be a better leader and help your business grow

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About our guest:

Kevin Kepple, lives in Texas with his amazing family. When he’s not with his family he is usually riding his bike or spending time in nature with Frank his dog. The rest of the time Kevin loves to help business owners and executives step into their hero’s footprint so that they can transform their businesses and lives into their version of amazing. As the world has shifted over the past months, many leaders are trying to shift and
leverage all the inherent power of their businesses and cultures. Kevin has the most fun (aside from being in the mountains) when he is teaching leaders how to become the heroes of their lives. Kevin has built his own successful business through dynamic leadership, leads a powerful and cohesive team, and has learned many of these lessons the hard way, so
anything he can do to help you avoid these pitfalls, he’d love to share.

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