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Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Your Business Instagram® Page

instastart Nov 28, 2020

Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

You’ve set up your Instagram® business account, and you’re ready to share your story with the world. Here are my five crucial things to consider before you get started, which will help you engage with the right people for your brand.

Hashtags matter

Hashtags are super important on Instagram®. Although there’s nothing more annoying than a post saturated with seemingly pointless hashtags on the Gram, don’t underestimate just how important they are for your business.

You should develop a strategy just for hashtags relevant to your business. Hashtags help your content show up in front of your followers and significantly boost your post’s engagement prospects. 

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Find the right audience 

When starting out on IG, you’d be forgiven for trying to create content for the masses. But to be successful, you need to find the right audience for your product.

A good starting point is to create your perfect buyer persona and look for a fit on Instagram®. If you don’t know where to start, check out your competitors and see which of their posts seem most popular.

Chances are, this is an excellent place to begin. Even if it’s a bit stalker-ish, it’s worth it! 

Understand the aesthetics of your brand 

Simply, this means you need to get familiar with the look and feel of your brand and develop content to match.

Be mindful of your color scheme, fonts, and filters, so your feed looks skilfully curated instead of randomly thrown together. Are you minimalist or retro? Bold or quaint? Quirky or quiet?

There’s no right type of brand on IG, but you need to be aware of your aesthetics and create posts that are consistent with your messaging.  

Optimize your bio

So many businesses just skip this part, but I can’t stress how important it is. You have 150 characters to sell yourself, so you don’t want to waste them.

Tell your followers what only you can do for them, as that’s what they want to hear. And encourage them with a call to action. Let’s say you sell coffee online. Instead of stating the obvious, invite your followers on a journey.

For example: 

We’re redefining the coffee journey, one cup at a time. Experience the taste with our single estate arabica beans.

As a potential customer, this excites me and may motivate me to try your product. 

Create relevant content your audience loves 

You must understand what type of content your audience loves because that’s how you’ll get them to engage with you. If you’re lost, begin by following hashtags and popular accounts within your niche and discover top-quality content.

You don’t need to copy it, instead use it to inspire you to create something equally as compelling. A good tip here is to find beautiful images on stock photo websites.

Beautiful posts that are relevant to your audience will encourage engagement, and that’s precisely what you’re looking for. 


In a nutshell, Instagram® might seem like a whole new universe for you, but all you've got to do is to take baby steps.

Hopefully you're feeling more confident about your next steps on Instagram®. If you aren't, here's something for you:


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