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5 Ways to Improve your Branding on Instagram®

instagrow Dec 07, 2020

If you hope to develop an engaging and cohesive presence on social media that your audience loves, your branding needs to be on point.

Branding is so crucial on Instagram®, as it tells your followers and potential clients so much about your offer.

It's your first chance to impress, so you need to make use of it.

Here are five simple ways you can improve your branding on Instagram®.

Set branding goals 

Setting clear and achievable branding goals on the Gram is an essential step toward building trust with your followers and potential clients.

Be clear and concise in your goals about what you want your feed to look like.

Think about your color scheme, font, filters, tone, and voice.

It would help if you established clear guidelines that inform every post you create, so over time, your feed will look like a professional, carefully curated space.

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5 Myth Busts for Your Instagram® Content Strategy

instagrow Dec 07, 2020

Content creation isn't easy. We've all sat there in the morning for what seems like an eternity, racking our brains trying to figure out what on earth to share with our Instagram® community.

Trying to figure this out daily is tough, and it can sometimes result in us putting out anything to get it done.

Sitting down and creating a strategy is so essential if you want to create consistent, high-quality Instagram® posts.

In this post, we bust some common myths about content strategies and help you see why it's vital you develop one. 

Myth 1 – You don't need one 

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this! For some, the Gram is spontaneous; it's about enjoying a moment and sharing it with your followers.

That's great for your personal account, but not for your business.

To produce compelling content consistently, you need to plan it, understand what works and what doesn't, and a strategy is the best way to bring all the necessary information together.


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How to Plan Your Instagram® Content

instagrow Dec 07, 2020

Planning your content for Instagram® in advance can seem super time-consuming, but it’s so worth it in the long run.

Instead of worrying every day about what to post and throwing on sub-standard content, a concise Insta plan ensures your content is consistently on point, focussed, measurable, and most importantly, quality.

If you’re an Instagram® newbie, this step by step guide will help you understand how to plan your content.

Set goals for your content

Begin by asking yourself:

What do I want to achieve with my content?

Do I want to increase brand awareness?

Am I looking for new customers?

Do I want to nurture old customers or get repeat customers?

Asking yourself these questions is a vital first step to creating a bespoke content plan.

If you don’t know your overarching goals, you can’t possibly create engaging content that helps you achieve them.

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