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10 Ways to Stay Motivated on Instagram®

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

When you’re a content creator, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on your game.

Often while you’re on social media, it’s easy to get distracted and go off on a tangent, looking at pages of things you find interesting and sharing stories and posts with your friends. 

Equally, it’s sometimes tough to stay motivated to keep to your posting schedule, particularly when you’re feeling tired and bereft of inspiration!

But you don’t need to get down heartened; everyone suffers from a lull in their content from time to time - it’s natural. 

But to avoid that lull turning into a rut, here are ten simple ways you can stay motivated on Instagram, so you’re producing top-quality content for your followers.

Take time to understand what kind of content you want to talk about

The key to staying motivated on the Gram is remembering what is motivating you to post your content in the first place.

If you’re posting for the sake of it, it’s hard to stay focused. Understanding that every post you share on Instagram is central to the building of your business helps to keep your ideas on track.

You should also focus on sharing topics that you’re comfortable talking about. If you’re uneasy while posting, it gives you an excuse to avoid sharing content altogether.  

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Look at your favorite Instagram pages in your niche or even otherwise and take notes

Researching other influencers and popular pages in your niche will provide you with new ideas and will stimulate your creativity.

While it’s important to be original and not to copy other pages, there’s no reason why you can’t rely on other influencers for inspiration and incorporate their ideas into your content. 

Take inspiration from other social media pages (like Pinterest) or other websites and blogs by industry leaders

People have risen to the pinnacle of their industries for a reason: they’re popular.

Getting to the top isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of hard work, trial and error, and dedication. If you want to replicate the success of influencers within your niche, dive into their content and learn about how they have made it to the top.

As well as picking specific content ideas, you will also get great tips about how to build your brand and communicate with your followers. 

Have your jam playlist for your Instagram content creation time 

Few things get the creative juices flowing quite like your favorite music.

Whether you’re a soul sister or hip hop queen, develop a jam that puts you in the creative zone and make sure it’s playing while you’re putting together your content.

You’ll be surprised at how much more motivated you are when you’re listening to your top tunes.

Clear your mind and relax

If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas, take some time to clear your mind.

Getting headspace is important, as it allows you to process difficult emotions and reduce your stress.

Whether you sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes, take some deep breaths, or go for a brisk walk in the fresh air, it’s a good idea to clear your mind and relax before you return to your desk.

It will certainly help you tune into your creativity.

Write down your goals and actionable steps to get there

If you don’t know exactly what you’re working towards, it’s extremely difficult to be motivated to achieve it! Articulating your goals and writing them down is such an effective way of holding yourself to account.

What’s more, splitting your goals down into actionable steps is even more helpful, as you’re not working towards some abstract objective that doesn’t really mean anything.

You will experience an enormous sense of achievement if you’re able to cross off your goals as you progress.

Ask your audience what kind of content they want to see 

If you’re struggling to decide what kind of content to create, ask your audience and followers exactly what they want to see. Make use of some of the tools at your disposal, like polls on your story to engage with your followers.

You will be surprised at how many suggestions you will receive, and by asking your audience directly, you’re more likely to receive decent levels of engagement on the posts that you share. 

Keep dedicated time slots for Instagram®

If you don’t manage the time you spend on Instagram and other social media platforms, you risk getting lost in endless searches and interactions.

Instead of accessing Instagram every time you pull your phone out of your pocket, dedicate some time every day to post and interact with your followers.

Make sure you’re in control of Instagram, so the platform doesn’t control you.

Celebrate little wins

If you’ve just passed a milestone or converted a follower into a sale, then celebrate it!

Creating engaging content on Instagram isn’t easy, so you should reward yourself for your achievements, regardless of how small they seem.

The more you celebrate little wins, the more engaged you will become in your social media journey.

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Treat yourself every now and then, especially after your dreaded task

Whether you treat yourself to a nice glass of wine or give yourself a much-deserved afternoon off, be sure to treat yourself when you achieve something on the Gram.

Content creation can seem a little methodical at times, so you don’t want to just go through the motions and not take time to reflect and reward yourself when things go well. We all deserve to be treated to nice things once in a while! 

Closing thoughts

If you find yourself in a tough place when it comes to content creation, don’t beat yourself up.

We’ve all been there and just know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. These ten tips will help you keep those creative juices flowing and create content that your followers love to see.

After all, Instagram is a place to share your achievements and what makes you and your brand special, not a place to be feared or stressed about. 


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