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Ten Course Launch Hacks to Sell Better

Uncategorized May 01, 2021


Online coaches and teachers are always looking for innovative and effective ways of launching their courses in order to boost their sales.

Instead of just emailing your subscribers and posting details about the new course on social media, if you’re willing to get creative and think outside the box, you will see a much better sign-up than you initially anticipated. 

In this post, I share ten course launch hacks with you that will guarantee that you improve your sales.

The good news is that they’re not too taxing, and providing you’re willing to try them out, you will undoubtedly see improved results.

Let’s dive in and take a look at how to launch your course with a difference.

Find something that makes YOU different

What makes YOU stand out? It’s all very well putting together a compelling course about your expert subject matter, but remember, people are just as interested in your story as they are about the course they’re signing up for.

They want to know what makes you special and why collaborating with you will add value to their lives.

The onus is on you to tell them what makes you unique, and this should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. 

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Identify that one person that will buy your course

We all have someone within our network who we can rely on.

This person is often an early adopter and is usually someone who is willing to buy your course because they know that you always deliver on your promises and know that you’re great at what you do.

Make sure that your course appeals to this person and get them onside first. The first sale is always the hardest, and it gives you the confidence to look for more converts. 

Test your idea first

One common mistake coaches make is that they invest an awful lot of time into preparing an excellent course, only to realize that their followers aren’t interested in signing up for it.

This happens when you make too many assumptions about what your followers want. As part of your market research, you actually need to reach out and engage with your followers and find out exactly what they want, not what you think they want.

Testing your idea first will save you time and will ensure you create a product there is actually a need for. 

Start building your list the minute you realize you want to sell a course

It’s never too early to begin working on your list of potential students.

Whoever comprises your list, make sure you have an effective way of interacting with them, whether it’s through email marketing, social media engagement, or perhaps even through a presentation.

Producing your list and deciding how to interact with them will give you a head start when you’re ready to launch your course. 

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Offer a part of your course for free and convert those early adopters to the full product

An excellent way of engaging with potential students for your new course is to offer a part of it for free.

Whether it’s a specific module or maybe just the introduction, if you give people the chance to experience it first without any obligation, you increase their chances of signing up for the full package.

You could even consider offering those that complete the free part an exclusive discount that can be found within the module. 

Host webinars or go live on social media

Visibility is important when it comes to launching your new course.

Consider scheduling a webinar that coincides with the launch of your course and invite people to join it to find out more information.

Alternatively, you could schedule a live with your followers on social media.

Think about incentivizing them to join the live, perhaps by offering discounted places for the upcoming course, for instance.

Sell as you create

The best way to attract potential students is to get them invested in your process.

As you develop your product, invite people to collaborate with you and encourage them to interact at different stages of the journey.

When it comes to the launch, they will feel like they’ve been a part of the whole process and will be much more inclined to sign up for the finished product.

Offer a flash discount to the first round of students

It’s always a good idea to promote your course alongside an introductory offer. For example, you could give a 50% offer to the first five students that sign up.

Whatever your discount is, make sure it’s attractive and worthwhile.

If your followers know they can access a great deal for a limited time, they are likely to sign up right away to access the discounted price. 

Set a launch date, and don’t worry too much about it 

Setting a launch date might feel like you’re putting yourself under pressure, but it’s an important way of holding yourself to account.

What you have to realize about the date that you set is that you don’t have to worry a great deal about it.

Knowing the date of your expected launch ensures that your clients know when to expect the course and will keep you on your toes when it comes to preparing the necessary content.

Plan your marketing and promotions before you start working on your course

I’ve worked with lots of clients who spend all of their time on producing an excellent course and neglect their marketing activities until it’s too late.

In reality, you should actually invest sufficient time into your marketing and promotions before you even start work on the course itself.

This way, you will already have a market for your course when it comes to launch day. 

Closing thoughts

I totally understand how challenging it can be to market your course to your audience.

When you’ve worked so hard on creating exceptional content, it can be down heartening when your sales don’t meet your expectations.

Hopefully, these ten tips will help you better prepare for the launch of your new course and will ensure that you achieve the sales figures that your hard work deserves. 


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