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How to Write a Captivating Caption on Instagram®

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

While curating a beautiful feed on Instagram® is mainly down to the quality of your pictures, you also need to make sure you’re writing captivating captions underneath your snaps to encourage engagement with your followers.

If your captions don’t live up to the hype of your pictures, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Here are five helpful tips on how to write a captivating caption underneath the images you share on the Gram.

Use Hashtags Wisely 

Hashtags are super important on Instagram®, and using them correctly helps get your content in front of your desired audience. That being said, you need to be creative when deciding which hashtags to use.

While you don’t want to pepper your posts with hundreds of tags, you don’t want to leave yourself short either. A good rule is to make sure the hashtag speaks to the picture you’re sharing and links back to your niche.

Don’t jump on random hashtags just because they’re popular if they aren’t relevant to your brand!

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Inform Your Audience 

Think about captions as a gift from the Gram.

They give you the chance to inform your audience about a particular product or service that you’re offering.

You need to understand what your audience wants to read, so you can write something that they are likely to find interesting.

Informative, specific captions are much more likely to result in engagement than random text that simply accompanies a picture that you upload.

Be Consistent With Your Brand Voice 

Like the aesthetics of your Instagram® feed matter, you should also be consistent with your brand voice across Insta and make sure you write in an appropriate tone for your audience.

Avoid slang where possible, and make sure you strike the right balance between formality and informality.

Your audience will use your captions to learn more about your products and services, so you don’t want to send them the wrong message. 

Use Line Breaks 

How many times have you tried to read a caption on Instagram® but quickly lost interest because it felt like you were reading an essay from high school?

Line breaks are vital if you are writing longer posts, so your audience can read and understand them easily.

The easiest way to separate paragraphs on Insta is to finish your phrase with a period or emojis and then press enter.

Finish With a Call to Action 

Perhaps the most effective way of encouraging people to engage with your post is to end your caption with a call to action. While you might not necessarily want to ask people to like your post directly, you could try: 

  • Asking an open question that requires thought about a particular topic 
  • Requesting they click a link to visit your website or blog 
  • Suggesting they leave a comment about a specific topic or in answer to a direct question 


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