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Why are DMs on Instagram® So Awesome?

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

When you’re trying to build your presence on Instagram®, it’s a good idea to utilize as many of the platform’s features as you can.

A feature of the Gram that’s often overlooked by business owners is DMs or direct messages.

This is perhaps because the feature is of more benefit to personal Instagram users than businesses, but that isn’t the case.

This article will explain why DMs are awesome and why you should be using them for your Instagram® business account. 

They Help Your Followers Get to Know You 

DMs are an effective way of introducing yourself to your followers, as well as sending them informative, relative messages.

When someone follows you, it is a super nice touch to drop them a private DM as a way of saying thank you for following you.

You could include something they might not know about you or your business in the message, and this is an excellent way of developing trust with your potential customers, as well as helping them get to know the person behind the brand. 

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They Are a Useful Way of Generating Sales 

While much of your focus on Instagram® may be on creating engaging posts and stories, don’t forget that DMs can help you make sales too.

You can use DMs to send links to your customers to specific parts of your website or send them bespoke offers that encourage them to make a purchase.

You can also send customers DMs to inform them about a new product launch or discount, which in turn can help make a sale. 

They Enable You to Identify Leads 

It can be difficult for any business to generate and identify leads that result in sales.

By utilizing your DMs, you can inform potential customers about your products and services and encourage them to purchase something.

You can also easily follow up with messages, offering additional information about your business to enable them to buy something from you. 

They Increase Engagement 

If you introduce yourself to your followers and interact with them via DMs, you will discover that they will feel more comfortable with you and are much more likely to interact with the content you share via posts and stories.

If your customers know who you are and can interact with you freely via DM, they are much more likely to engage with your posts and stories.

They Allow You to Send Freebies to Your Customers 

A great tip for increasing customer engagement on Instagram® is to run competitions and to give out freebies.

Everyone loves a freebie, and it doesn’t have to be something huge. Running simple competitions and offering prizes is a great way to boost engagement.

For example, you could encourage your followers to like a particular post for the chance to win a specific prize. You could then interact with them via DM to ask for their details and where to send the freebie to.

This way, you have generated interaction with a customer and have a potential lead for future sales. 


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