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How to Promote your IGTV Content

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

IGTV can add exceptional value to your social media performance. If you haven’t heard of it, IGTV is a standalone app that is used in tandem with Instagram® and is essentially the Gram’s answer to YouTube.

You can create content that is up to one hour long and share videos directly with your followers. It’s an incredible feature and one that you need to understand to maximize its benefits.

Here are five different ways to promote your IGTV content for the best results. 

Upload It to YouTube and Link Back to Instagram® 

This might seem like taking one step back to go forward, but it’s worthwhile.

Once you’ve created your video on IGTV, make sure you link it to your YouTube account, as well as any other social media platforms that you use.

This is important if you’ve built up a significant following on YouTube already, but you’re hoping to move away from it and use IGTV going forwards.

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Write a Blog Post About Your Video

Extending the hype of your IGTV video is super important, as you don’t want to create content only for it to be lost.

In order to offer more information about your IGTV video or to link people from your website to the source, you could write a detailed blog post articulating exactly what your IGTV video contains and why people should watch it.

This is an excellent way of increasing views and engagement on the video.

Create a Reel That Highlights the Main Points of Your IGTV

Reels are an awesome way of creating snapshots of your longer IGTV videos and offer your audience snippets of what’s to come if they choose to watch the entirety of your video.

In an increasingly competitive online environment where social media posts are vying for our attention, it’s beneficial to offer people an insight into your content before they commit to watching the whole thing.

With reels, you can show them 15 seconds of your content and encourage them to watch the whole IGTV.

Repurpose Igtv Content Into Carousels

In a similar way in which you would use a reel, you can use carousels on Instagram® to showcase multiple parts of your IGTV video.

Carousels offer you the chance to share up to ten short videos as a single post, and your followers can swipe to view each part of the video.

This is another excellent way to maximize your content and draw people’s attention to particular sections of your IGTV videos.

Post on All Social Media Platforms

It’s important that as many people see your IGTV video as possible. To make this happen, you shouldn’t limit the post to just Instagram®, instead you should share it widely across as many social media platforms as possible.

Just as you would share a YouTube video, you should continue sharing your IGTV video to ensure as many of your potential clients see it as possible, to increase the likelihood of them engaging with your content. 


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