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Instagram® Myths That Are Holding You Back

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

When you're new to Instagram®, you would be forgiven for expecting immediate success.

How often have you looked at a popular account in your niche and thought to yourself, I can do so much better than that?

While it's good to be ambitious, you need to be patient when starting your journey on Instagram® and realize that much of your success relies on organic growth and an organized social media strategy.

You also hear lots of myths online about how to utilize the Gram to your advantage, and we're going to look at three of them here. 

Your Instagram® Business Account Is Going to Negatively Affect Your Growth 

This is a strange myth, to say the least, but also one that is commonly held by many people. If anything, creating an Instagram® account will positively affect your growth, as you open up a world of possible connections and can engage with a whole host of clients.

Approximately 1 billion people use Instagram® every month. 1 billion! That's an awful lot of people, and somewhere in there are people willing to buy your products or services. It's up to you to make the Gram work for you.

You need to optimize your profile, be clear on your niche, and devise a successful social media strategy, but once you have, Instagram® will help you grow your business organically. 

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You Need to Post Every Single Day

When it comes to posting regularly on Instagram®, there is no magic number.

It has been well documented that some of the most popular brands on the planet post ten, fifteen, or even twenty times every day.

But that doesn't mean you have to. Some people get a lot of value out of Instagram® by posting once a day, but others get more value by posting once a week.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of your posts, make sure you focus on your posts' quality.

Never post just for the sake of it, as you will saturate your feed with posts that your audience doesn't want to see.

You Need to Pay For Ads to Make Sales

Is there value in creating a marketing budget for your business that allows for expenditure on Instagram® ads? Absolutely! Is it the only way you will make sales on the Gram?

Absolutely not!

While target ads articulating special offers and promotions can help you make a sale on Instagram®, over time, you will find that organically curating your feed and engaging with people naturally will also result in sales.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. Don't expect to open your account and make a sale straight away.

Your audience needs time to get to know your brand and build trust with you, so make sure you make an effort to create quality content that people want to engage with. 


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