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Build Your Personal Brand in 2021

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

In 2021, it seems impossible to run a business without a social media presence.

Many companies utilize Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote their products and services, but Instagram® is somewhat under-utilized, given its popularity for personal use.

Only 30% of businesses that use social media have an Insta account, which is quite frankly a little hard to believe!

Perhaps the standout feature of Instagram®, compared to other social media platforms, is your ability to curate your business's personal brand.

Let's take a look in a little more detail what we mean by personal brand. 

Your personal brand is critical to success on the Gram, as it gives your audience and potential customers the chance to know the real you and to realize there is a real person behind your products and services.

Here are three ways in which you can build your personal brand on Instagram® in 2021:  

Be Clear About Your Identity 

It seems like an obvious place to begin, but to develop a consistent personal brand on social media, you need to be clear about your identity and confident about articulating this to your audience.

Authenticity is critical to your personal brand, and you need to be yourself. If you're spending time trying to figure out someone you want to be, your audience will find you out and look elsewhere.

Social media success comes in many forms, so you need to be true to your values and be assured of your post's content to be successful. 

Be Consistent With Your Branding 

Whether you only use Instagram®, or if you utilize other social media platforms as many businesses do, you need to be super consistent with your branding.

This means you should ensure your company's name is the same across all social media sites, your handle is the same, and you use the same font.

Try hard to keep the same look and feel too, and don't chop and change your content on different platforms.

Whether searching for your business on Instagram® or a different platform, your audience should be confident they're dealing with the same person/business, so your brand feel must be consistent.

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Focus on What Makes You Unique

I can't stress this point enough! Although it can be tempting to replicate the content of some of the most successful brands in your niche, it isn't a sustainable long-term solution.

While it's good practice to take inspiration from influencers and other brands in your niche, you need to do more than copying them.

People want to know why you're unique, what your story is, and why they should work with you or buy from you.

They're not interested in more of the same; they're inspired by why you're different, which you should focus on.

Be confident in your values and tell people why you are as you are. This is vital when building your personal brand on Instagram®. 


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