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Five Simple Steps to Finding your Niche on Instagram®

instastart Nov 28, 2020

Instagram® is a world of opportunity and a platform on which inspiration abounds! I love following accounts that inspire me to grow, learn, and take notice of the world around me.

Whether it’s beautiful beaches under a scorched sunset or sage advice from an Eastern philosopher, my Insta feed is compelling and rich with content I love.

But the accounts that inspire me aren’t random. They’re carefully curated accounts with a clear understanding of their niche and wider position within their desired market.

Finding your niche is super important, and here are five ways how you can discover yours.

Identify your interest and passion 

You need to begin by asking yourself a simple question: what kind of content do I find interesting? Even if something is popular on the Gram, if you’re not interested in it, you will get bored quickly, and your ability to produce top-quality content will dwindle fast.

Only upload content that you’re genuinely passionate about, as this will motivate you to curate a compelling and beautiful profile.

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Figure out your target audience’s problem and use your interest passion as a solution to it 

Understanding what your audience wants to see is crucial if you’re going to engage with them successfully.

For example, if your target audience is young backpackers who want to travel the world, then show them compelling tailored content, like beautiful snaps of your time spent in Thailand.

If you feed your audience content that they see as a solution that they can resonate with, they will likely engage with it.

Research your competition and see how viable your idea is 

A great thing about the Gram is that you can follow your competitors and learn from them.

While learning from them is great, stealing from them isn’t! So don’t just replicate what you see from your competitors. Use their content to inspire you to create something better.

If you’ve got a vision in your head, sometimes it’s easier to see it on the screen in front of you, which is why seeking inspiration from others is a great place to start with your ideas for content.

Test it out – Get validation for your idea 

Once you’ve developed your idea, you need to find out if your followers will engage with it.

Putting out new content can be a little intimidating, but don’t worry; it’s all part of the learning journey! You need to test the water and see which of your ideas work best.

Those that work, great job! Those that don’t offer you the first step toward creating something more engaging.

If it doesn’t work, rinse and repeat

Feedback is an iterative process. To create something compelling and engaging, sometimes you need to begin with something that doesn’t quite work out.

It can be easy to be downhearted if people don’t like your content but try not to get too down. If you view the less successful posts as part of the iterative process, you will stay focused and motivated to produce the best possible content for your target audience.


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