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How to Grow Your Mailing List using Instagram®

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Instagram® is a superstar in the social media world when it comes to engagement.

According to research, approximately 2-7% of followers interact with every post, which is significant compared to Twitter, where engagement is as low as 0.2%. 

It is the high-level engagement that makes Instagram® so appealing to businesses, as it is an effective way to interact with your potential clients.

In this post, we take a look at five ways in which you can engage with your followers on Instagram® and encourage them to sign up for your mailing list. 

Research What Your Audience Really Wants

Every great business strategy starts with research.

You must research what your audience actually wants if you’re going to have any success persuading them to buy your product. This is 100% the case on Instagram® too.

Think carefully about creating an offer that your audience may be enticed by, whether it’s for a limited-edition product, or a weekly discount code, for example.

By understanding what your audience wants to see and buy, you will have an easier time persuading them to give you their contact details. 

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Design Your Offer Carefully

Everyone loves a freebie or a special offer, and this is the perfect way to encourage your followers to sign up for your mailing list.

Whatever you use as your carrot to dangle in front of your audience, make it look special and unique to your brand.

If you make your offer appealing to your audience, there is a much greater chance of them engaging with you and trying to get it. 

Find Out How to Get Their Email Addresses 

When you’ve decided what to offer your audience and how to offer it, you need to figure out a way of getting their email addresses.

Remember, the whole purpose of this is to get people signed up to your mailing list so that you can entice them with offers further down the line.

You don’t need a fancy third-party email app to do this either. Make use of one of Instagram’s® tools and put a sticker on your story.

This can be a cost-effective way of getting the info you need for your mailing list. 

Design Your Promotion Materials 

A giveaway is only effective if people know about it! If you don’t publicize that you’re giving away a cool product or service, your audience won’t know about it and won’t engage.

Spend some time developing some branded marketing materials (you can use a tool like Canva for graphic design help) and spread the news about your fantastic offer!

You should post promotion materials on your feed and your story so as many people see it as possible. 

Deliver Your Sales Pitch 

When you have completed your giveaway and received email addresses from your potential clients, don’t shy away from delivering your sales pitch.

Remember, the whole purpose of getting people to sign up to your mailing list is to create a compelling sales channel between them and your brand.

Once you have their details, create a bespoke marketing campaign to convert them into paying customers.


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